Smart Home 2023: How to transform your living room into a smart living room? -

Smart Home 2023: How to transform your living room into a smart living room?

If you are willing to build a smart home. You should start with the living room. In order to transform your normal living room into a smart living room, you need to add some smart devices to it. Such as smart TV, smart air conditioner, smart audio system, and voice assistant. Finally, you have to add some other smart devices to make your living more comfortable. So let’s build a smart living room.

smart living room
smart living room

Smart Home: What is the smart living room?

It is a kind of living room where all the devices can remotely control to make your life more easier. It is a combination of smart devices that all are connected to an ecosystem. So, how can you do that? What do you need to do that? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward. Add replace your living room devices with smart devices.

Smart box security and remote control

As an information center that controls the whole house, the existence of smart boxes is essential. Receive information about various smart products and push remote alarms. It can be said that with smart boxes, people can grasp the situation of the family at any time.
And, The device can remotely control mobile phones, televisions, air conditioners and other products that require infrared equipment control. Also, it can also identify temperature and humidity, air quality and human activities. Moreover, it is a rare and cost-effective smart product.

The smart switch can control lights remotely

A switch is a necessary lighting control product for every home. The smart switch makes it possible for the phone to control the light. A good smart switch is not only capable of remote control, but also can cooperate with other smart devices for scene linkage.

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit
Image Source: Amazon

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Switch can be a great option for you. Since it can support popular voice command like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant. Moreover, it is pretty affordable in the price range.

Smart sofa bed makes great use of small space

Have you ever slept on the sofa? I believe many people’s answer will be “sleeping.” Whenever guests come from home and there are not enough beds, there is always someone who needs to sleep on the sofa. But the length and width of the sofa are not enough.

Smart sofa bed
Image Source: Amazon

Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper can be a good choice. There is also a hidden oversized drawer at the bottom of the bed, which can store winter quilts, and a folding table on both sides can also hold a water cup. The most user-friendly is that it is equipped with four USB ports, no need to worry about charging mobile phones.

Smart coffee table

The traditional coffee table has only the functions of storage, while the Sobro smart coffee table is a coffee table that integrates functions such as refrigerator, speaker, and USB socket. The refrigerator can hold about 2-3 dozen beers, and the temperature can be set on the desktop. The USB interface and socket can charge appliances such as mobile phones and laptops.

Smart coffee table
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For those friends who stay up late to watch the game, with the Sobro smart coffee table, they can enjoy the game. For lazy people, avoiding the pain of frequent movement is definitely good news.

Smart TV unlocks a new dimension of smart living room

What is the most intuitive difference between a smart TV and traditional TV? No set-top box.

As a leader in the television industry, Sony introduced XBR55X900F smart TV. The advanced processing chip makes the picture quality more restored, and it is a good assistant for drama. Android system, better fragmentation, and expandability can install more third-party applications. For game fans, using it to connect to the PS4 PRO console to play games can better show its strength in HDR (high dynamic range imaging), and the reality is amazing!

Smart Curtain System

In the morning, the curtains slowly open at regular intervals. The first rays of sunlight are like a natural alarm clock to wake you up; at night, when you are tired and enter your dreamland, the curtains will automatically close. It’s all because of the Dudu smart curtain machine. In the face of ultra-high, ultra-wide curtains, it can be remotely controlled by remote control and a one-button switch, allowing users to completely free their hands.

Smart curtain system
Image Source: Amazon

Well, you can get it from amazon if you want so. I suggest this Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System for an overall solution.

The taste of life lies in the details. The construction of a smart living room changes not only small details but also the way of life. If you love intelligence, you don’t need to envy the film and television, you can create a science fiction movie yourself by choosing the right intelligent hardware. Why not?

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