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smart kitchen

Smart kitchen 2023: How to transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen

With the whole house coverage of smart home, smart home products have also entered the user’s kitchen. The smart kitchen is a high-speed and convenient development mode brought by information technology. So, The use of a smart kitchen also reflects the way people handle information technology of the times. So, what is a smart kitchen? How to build a smart kitchen? Let’s look down together!

What is a smart kitchen

Smart kitchen is to be able to identify people who enter the kitchen, and display any information the host needs on the display in the kitchen, and synchronize with the family travel plan, so that each member of the family can see what they need to do today, such as School bus schedules, morning meetings, appointments with someone, and suggestions for a healthy lunch. In addition, it can display the local temperatures.

What is the principle of a smart kitchen

The smart kitchen mainly includes the principle of the computer to realize intelligence, manufacture computers similar to human brain intelligence, so that computers can achieve higher-level applications. Artificial intelligence will involve disciplines such as computer science, psychology, philosophy, and linguistics. It can be said that almost all disciplines of the natural sciences and social sciences have far exceeded the scope of computer science. The relationship between artificial intelligence and thinking science is the relationship between practice and theory.

Artificial intelligence is at the technical application level of thinking science and is an applied branch of it. From a thinking point of view, artificial intelligence is not limited to logical thinking. It is necessary to consider image thinking and inspirational thinking in order to promote the breakthrough development of artificial intelligence.

How to build a perfect smart kitchen

To build a perfect smart kitchen you need to equip these device in your kitchen. Let’s take a look.

You need a good smart stove

Smart stove

First of all, you need a good smart stove. In that case, I will suggest this portable smart stove from WILAND. From ancient tiger stoves to modern gas stoves and induction cookers, stoves have always been the most important appliances in the kitchen, none of them. Whether the dishes are cooked well or not, depending on the heat, the control of the heat is directly related to the taste of the food. The firepower of traditional stoves is completely adjusted by the users themselves. It is difficult for people without certain cooking experience to master the dishes. The dishes are either “old” or burnt. If you want to know more then please read Best Smart Stoves of 2019

Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerator

Then, of course, you need a large smart refrigerator. I suggest LG smart wifi enabled 4 door refrigerator. Modern smart refrigerators are equipped with cameras and image recognition systems. that can identify all the ingredients in the refrigerator and record the classification. Users can remotely view the food in the refrigerator through their smartphones and decide what to do. Users can also check recipes through the large LCD screen on the refrigerator. I recommend reading the best smart refrigerator and buying guide to know more

Smart cooking scale

 Kitchen Scale

Secondly, add a smart cooking scale in your kitchen. A large number of recipes are built-in. The user only needs to select the corresponding recipes and ingredients on the cooking scale, and then put the selected ingredients on the weighing platform, and it will automatically calculate the required amount of other ingredients.

Smart inverter hood

Once again, you need a smart inverter hood. Equipped with a cutting-edge temperature sensing system, which can automatically adjust the air volume according to the change of oil fume caused by temperature changes during cooking, avoid frequent gear shifts during cooking, save energy, and increase pressure. problem.

Smart dishwasher


Finally, you need a smart dishwasher. The smart dishwasher uses 360 ° high-efficiency static bleaching technology and uses the refraction effect of high-speed water flow to achieve all-round deep rinsing without having to worry about secondary contamination of tableware by chemicals. The unique zero-energy waste heat drying technology uses the residual heat of the cavity after high-temperature rinsing to quickly dry the tableware to ensure zero pollution of the tableware.

So, who has read the article must have got it. All of this convenience is thanks to modern technology. Smart kitchens make cooking simpler and easier, and full of freshness and fun. And, In the future, smart kitchens will become a new trend in the development of the Internet of Things industry.

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