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best smart plug for alexa

5 Best Smart Plugs for Alexa

This is the list of best smart plugs for Alexa in 2020. We have tested more than 30 popular smart plugs that are currently available in the market and decided to put these 5 best smart plugs in the list. As you already know what is smart plugs and how it works. So, without wasting I think it would be better to just dive into the main point. But before that, one reminder that you need know this is the list best Alexa compatible smart plugs. So, If you are doing or have Alexa based home automation then this list is the best suitable list for you.

5 Best Smart Plugs for Alexa 2020

NameWiFiOutput CurrentRequired App
Amazon Smart Plug2.4 GHz15AAlexaRead more
Kasa HS110 Smart Plug2.4 GHz15AKasa AppRead more
Wemo Mini Smart Plug2.4 GHz15AWemo AppRead more
T Teckin Mini Smart Outlet2.4 GHz15ASmartLife AppRead more
Gosund WP3 Smart Plug2.4 GHz10AGosund AppRead more

1.Amazon Smart Plug

Key Features

  • Easy to setup with Alexa
  • Needs 2.4 GHz WiFi network.
  • Schedule time for turn on and off the device
  • Maximum 15A current output.

When you are talking about Alexa compatible smart plug obviously amazon smart plug comes first. As a smart plug, it provides satisfaction more than hundred thousands of happy customer. That happened because of its user-friendly design and ease of use. The design looks so simple that nothing to bother at all. And it takes a small space in your outlet to let you put another plug there. Just plug it into your standard outlet then spend a few minutes to set up with your Alexa. And, you don’t need any smart home hub for connection. It works with your regular WiFi (2.4 GHz) to connect. After connecting you can Schedule to turn on any device you want. Also, you can make a routine to turn on and off as well. In this way, you can make your home electric devices smart device. These device is gonna follow your voice command to do whatever you want them to do.

As for the compatibility with Alexa and its easy setup makes it very special. And, it can provide maximum 15A current output. So, make sure whatever electric device you are going to plug in that needs less than 15A current.

2. Kasa HS110 Smart Plug

key Features

  • Support: Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT
  • Control by Kasa App
  • Maximum 15 Amp current support
  • Possible to schedule for turn on and off
  • Away Mode for security
  • Energy Monitoring.
  • works only with 2.4 gigahertz WiFi

Kasa Smart plug is the best smart plug in the market right now. Not because it has exceptionally excellent features, but also it is user-friendly and safe to use. If you ask your neighbor what smart plugs they using most of the case answers will be Kasa. This is one of the most popular smart plugs in the world. And, comes from world number one Wireless network brand Tp-Link. So there is no doubt about product quality or customer service.

There are a lot of smart plugs from Kasa but we picked the best HS 110 model which upgraded version from HS 100. This new version comes with some new features obviously. First of all, it is now not only compatible with google or Alexa voice command but also works with Microsoft Cortana. And, it can also monitor energy so see how much energy you are actually spending on which device.

Other than that, it has every feature from its predecessors. This one is also controllable by Kasa App that you can guess as well. And, you can turn on and off I mean remotely control through the app from anywhere. Also, schedule to turn on or off the smart plugs. To connect with WiFi, it doesn’t require an extra hub, but yes, it strictly connects with just 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Another interesting and important feature is Away Mode. If you need to go for an office tour or vacation for a few days, your home will be empty. But turning Away Mode on you can now Schedule Turn off and On some electric devices including lights. So, people will think there is someone in the house. It will be great for security.

3. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Key Features

  • Support: Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit
  • Control by WeMo App
  • Maximum 15 Amp current support
  • Possible to schedule for turn on and off
  • Away Mode for security
  • works only with 2.4 gigahertz WiFi

Most of the time, my team and I get confused between the top two. Like this, Wemo Mini Smart plug is appealing to be number one for this list. It was hard to drag it on number two, while everything is just number one. But, the new energy monitoring system in the Kasa HS 110 left Wemo behind. Unless nothing compares to Wemo Mini smart plug, it is affordable and super easy to use. Also, one of the most popular smart plugs in the market.

It works with Alexa Google Home and Apple Home Kit home automation system. You can add with your voice assistant to control through your voice. And, most importantly, its form factor needs to get attention. It wide but the thin body can easily fit in the outlet.

With the Wemo app, you can control these plugs from anywhere as long as you are connected with internet. Also, the Schedule option is very helpful to automatically turn on and off the device after a certain time. For example, if you schedule to turn on AC it will turn it on exactly five minutes before you get back home from work to make your room temperature comfortable.

4. T Teckin Mini Smart Outlet

key Features

  • Remote control via SmartLife App
  • Needs 2.4 GHz WiFi network
  • Support Alexa, Google assistant. Siri voice Command
  • 15A maximum current output.
  • Schedule timer.

We always talk about Kasa and others but most of the time we forget about these underrated but highly successful smart plugs. As like other smart plugs it also has some flaws and some exciting features. First of all, its compact and small size design. This smart plug comes in round shape which takes less space than other smart plugs to give you enough space to plug another plug into the outlet. But that also made it less strong as well.

Also, this is easy to setup. Just plug into the standard outlet then connect with WiFi via a third party and most popular smart home app called Smart Life. Also, you can connect with Alexa for voice command as well. But as for the WiFi connect its strongly need just 2.4 GHz Wifi connection. And, it provides maximum 15A current output. Although it has a Schedule timer option, still the away mode is missing which is necessary for security. I hope in the next upgrade they will put that feature.

5. Gosund WP3 Smart Plug

Key Features

  • Voice control through popular smart home assistants
  • 10 A maximum current provider
  • Requires 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Remote control from anywhere through Gosund App
  • Schedule Timer.

When you got some tough competitor in the market you are bound to make something good. Otherwise, it will kick you out from the market. And, currently, Gosund smart plug is the real thread for top-notch smart plugs. Whatever you can expect from a smart plug it provides you with all. As for the best smart plugs for Alexa concern, it has enough potentiality to take place in this list. First this that makes it special obviously the size. Most of the top-notch smart plugs need too much space that blocks other outlet sockets. But that won’t happen with this smart plug. It takes very small space to use other plugs as well.

Also, it has a smart scheduling option to turn on the appliances just in time. You just need Gosund app and 2.4 GHz WiFi. In the next version, if it can able to connect with 5.0 GHz WiFi that would be good for all. While most of the WiFi router provides 2.4 GHz network it is okay. Also, you can share these plugs with your other family member to give them access to the control device as well. But make sure one thing, your appliance requires less than 10 A current.

Why Should you trust us?

No that is not true we physically tested 30 plugs to make this list. But yes we tested few physically. Also, we checked details about their features and compatibility. Then, we talked with several customer who actually used these plugs. And, put these plugs in several forum to take their valuable comment as well. Also, we checked every customer review to know what customer really thinking about that smart plug. After gathering all of these data we finally agreed with these 5 best smart plugs for Alexa. And, we can assure you that the data we’ve provided in our article is one hundred percent true.

Few things to consider before buying smart plugs for Alexa

Well, having best features may not suitable enough for your home. There are few things you have to check to get the best smart plug for alexa. Let’s break down everything here.

Connection and compatibility

Check out first what is your home WiFi version. If your smart plug WiFi compatibility doesn’t match with your home WiFi network you can’t setup this at all. In that case, most the home WiFi has 2.4 GHz that is why we put 2.4GHz in this list. After that check out how is it compatible with Alexa. And, how to connect with Alexa as well. It is better to get something which you already familiar. Like Amazon smart plug doesn’t need any extra app it can work directly with alexa. But others need another app to connect and operate.


Take a look where you want to put this smart plug. If you have more than one outlet there then you have to think about the size too. Make sure it doesn’t block other outlets. That is not good and smart idea to block other outlets. But if you have single outlet then go for strong outlet that gonna stick tight in the wall.

Setup process

Before buying any smart plug make sure you can setup that. By checking their user manual (Which often found in their website or product page) make sure it is easy enough that you can do. If you don’t get that how to set up don’t go for that smart plug at all. But, most of the smart plugs are very easy to set up especially our best smart plugs list.

Schedule option

Just having on off capability is not enough for now. Make sure it has schedule turn on off option. That will give you most comfort. Also if there is a away option that is a plus point.

Output power

This is the most important thing. Think about what appliances you are going to use on that smart plug. Check out maximum current requirement of that appliances and then check out the maximum current output of your desired smart plug. If smart plug can provide more than your appliances then go for it otherwise it won’t work and may cause caution too.

Related questions and their answers

Do all smart plugs work with Alexa?

Not all, but maximum smart plugs work with alexa. But all of these smart plugs aren’t the best at all.

Are smart plugs worth it?

if you are doing smart home automation then it is definitely worth its money. It allows you to make your old appliances smart with remote and voice control without replacing that device at all.

What should I plug into a smart plug?

Anything that you want. But make sure it requires less power than that smart plug can output. But if you want a certain answer then I’d say the device which is expensive and you are not able to replace with smart device but you want to control that such as washing machine, AC, Coffee machine etc etc.

How much do smart plugs cost?

best smart plugs in the market cost somewhere around 30 dollars.

How many smart plugs can Alexa control?

There is no limit as far as you address them with different name. Such as you have two light connected with two different smart plugs you can address one as bedroom light another as living room light. In this way you can control as much as you want.

How does the Alexa smart plug work?

It is a bridge between electric power and appliances. By controlling power via app or voice command you can control your appliances too.

Can Alexa Set timers for smart plugs?

Yes, it can. And, amazon smart plug is the best choice for that.

How to connect smart plugs with Alexa?

This is a complicated question. But there is simple answer though. If you are using amazon smart plug then you just need to add that device into your alexa app.

But, if you are using others like Kasa smart plug or anything else make sure it works with alexa. Then

  1. First set up with a compatible app with that smart plug. Detail instruction will be given with the plug. But usually, you need to reset by long-pressing the power button.
  2. Then install the required app via scanning QR code or searching from your app store. Then create an account on that app.
  3. After that look search for a new device.
  4. After finding your smart plug it will ask for WiFi user name and password.
  5. Put that and address that smart plug with a unique name for better control.
  6. Now you can control your smart plug with that app.
  7. Now open Alexa and search for that app. Then add it to Alexa.
  8. It will require user name and password of that app put that and Alexa will import all of the devices from that app and work with a voice command as well.
  9. Now check out by testing voice command that everything works fine.

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