How to build a smart bathroom in 2023? -

How to build a smart bathroom in 2023?

Sanitary wares have gradually been added with “smart” wings. However, many sanitary ware products are only under the banner of intelligence, and the functions are not much different from traditional products.

If you want to build a smart bathroom, then read this entire post.

Smart magic mirror entertainment + control in one hand

  As a two-in-one smart single product for entertainment and home control, the smart magic mirror occupies the brain position of the smart bathroom. The magic mirror is generally placed above the washstand. When the power is turned off, the mirror glass is in the same state as an ordinary mirror.

Smart Magic Mirror
Smart Magic Mirror

  The full touch screen design allows you to control the magic mirror with a single tap of your finger after turning on the power. The function of real-time consultation and browsing can query time, weather and other information. When you get up early to wash, learn about the weather on that day. The tragedy of being drunk into chicken soup due to forgetting to bring an umbrella will not happen again.

  For girls, taking a bath for half an hour is normal. The boring bathing process becomes colorful after having the magic mirror. In the bath, it is a pleasure to sing along with your favorite music. It’s even more enjoyable to open a favorite TV series or variety show, while washing and chasing the show.

  As a smart device terminal, the smart magic mirror is an indispensable function for the control of other smart devices. It can wirelessly interconnect with the water heater in the home to control hot water. At the same time, you can learn the hot water usage habits of users, and regularly heat the bathing and domestic water in advance, so that you can enjoy the joy of taking a hot bath immediately.

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Smart background music system for bathroom

  Do you like to sing in the bathroom? Have you ever used the shower as a microphone to perform well? A smart background music system will turn your bathroom into a K-hall, eliminating the boring and boring bathing.

Kohler smart shower head

 The smart background music system is divided into intelligent music host and ceiling speakers. The host adopts the Android system, which has strong compatibility and can install various applications. It supports a variety of mainstream apps, such as google music, Spotify, etc., which are compatible. The wall-hanging design allows the host to be removed from the base and used as an ordinary tablet.

  Ceiling speaker is an indispensable artifact of K song. For ceiling installation, you need to reserve an audio cable to connect to the host. The overall acoustic design guarantees the restoration of the sound and turns the bathroom into a concert in one second. The waterproof performance is superb, even if installed in the bathroom, you can’t worry about the speaker being flooded.

Smart toilet lid hip cleaning and seat heating are key points

smart toilet
smart toilet

  Japan’s smart toilet cover quickly became popular with its smart flushing and seat heating functions. When people go to Japan for tourism, one of the things that they don’t forget is the rice cooker, and the other is the toilet lid.

  The intelligent toilet lid seat is temperature-controlled and adjustable. Different temperatures can correspond to different seasons, and even if you go to the toilet in winter, you don’t worry about the coldness of the seat.

  It is a water washing system that includes six types of warm water washing, mobile washing, massage washing, pulse water washing, and hip washing. Maintaining a clean flushing habit will greatly reduce the chance of hemorrhoids. For women, personal care during menstruation and pregnancy is even more important. A good smart toilet cover can wash a wider range after washing and clean more.

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  Japan differs from China in that toilets are separated from wet and dry, and water has been filtered. This toilet cover has added a water filter and waterproof design to the Chinese, which is more suitable for China’s national conditions.

Human waste disposal of smart trash bin

smart trash bin

  The smart point of the smart trash bin is that it can sense the human body and automatically open the lid.

  Trash throwers simply wave their hands at the sensors on the trash can, and the lid will open automatically and will close after ten seconds. When replacing the garbage bag, the garbage can sense the human body and keep it always open. Because its sensing area is concentrated above the lid, passing soy sauce crowds will not attract its attention.

  Some trash cans can be embedded with carbon to absorb the various odors of the trash and make the bathroom cleaner. Deodorized carbon can be replaced, but replacement carbon needs to be purchased at your own expense.

Smart sensor downlights come on and off

Smart sensor downlights

  Going to the toilet late at night, it was dark. In order not to affect the family’s sleep, I can only find the toilet light by touching the dark. After being smart, I no longer have to worry about going to the toilet.

  It can automatically sense the infrared of the human body, and determine the switch of the downlight through the human body’s questioning sensor. After the downlight is installed in the bathroom, when you go to the toilet at night, the downlight will turn on automatically. After leaving the toilet, the downlight will not turn off immediately. The light will last for 30 seconds, which is enough for you to walk back from your toilet to your bedroom.

  Bathroom smart items include smart shower rooms, smart bathtubs and more. The smart shower room should be the focus of the smart bathroom. At this stage, the most realized function of the shower room is the separation of wet and dry. The shower room with insufficient intelligence is extremely cost-effective. Instead of buying it now, it is better to wait for the development of intelligent technology.

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