5 Best Smart Toilets of 2023- Reviewed in Details!

5 Best Smart Toilets of 2023- Reviewed in Details!

The smart toilets originated in the United States, and later South Korea and Japan developed rapidly. And, not to mention that currently spreading its popularity all over the world. Actually it was invented for medical and elder health care purposes. The smart toilet is so easy to and healthy that people gonna love it and using it instead of a normal toilet. Also, it reduces many gynecological diseases.

On the other hand, we live in an era of technology. We are surrounded by tech devices. So why not to use a smart technology-based toilet? So, in this post, I am going to explain everything that you are supposed to ask about a smart toilet. Including a list of best smart toilets of 2020 with buying guide. Also, I gonna discuss why you should use this instead of a normal toilet.

What is a smart toilet?

This is not something that is beyond your expectations. It’s exactly like your normal toilet but with every possible technology integration on it.

Traditional toilets are often connected to water tanks, and long-term non-use can lead to bacterial growth and endanger family health. The smart toilet without a tank is now used to directly supply tap water to the private washing and flushing system, avoiding long-term non-use and causing water pollution, so that it can maintain high-quality water during private washing and flushing

If you thinking about what is the benefit of the smart toilet then continue to read the article. You can find that point bellow.

5 Best smart toilets of 2023

This would be a great idea to present to you the best smart toilets of 2020. Yes, I am going to do an in-depth review of the 5 best smart toilets for this year. Before that, let’s take a look at these products here. But one important thing, this is the list for the best smart toilet, not a smart toilet seats list. Because the both have a huge difference in the price range.

1Toto MS920CEMFGread more
2Ove Decors SMART TOILETread more
3KOHLER K-5401-PA-0read more
4Prodigy Advanced Smart Toiletread more
5WOODBRIDGE Luxury Smart Toiletread more

Toto smart toilet review: Toto MS920CEMFG

TOTO has some exciting smart toilets. Maybe I will make a different post about the best Toto smart toilets. From low end to high end they have so many options. But for this best smart toilet list, I picked this TOTO MS920CEMFG Washlet smart toilet.

best smart toilets: Toto
Image source: Amazon

TOTO MS920CEMFG feature

  • Auto open and closed lid seat.
  • Self-clean system.
  • Built-in Deodorizer.
  • Automatically flush.
  • Adjustable cleansing function.


As I said, Most of the Toto smart toilets deserve to place on this list. But I tried to include just one product from one company. So here is the review of the Toto washlet smart toilet. At first, let’s talk about the design. Design-wise it fulfills everything that a customer can expect. It has a universal height to comfortably seat in. Now come to the functions. The toilet seat can automatically open and close. Also, it can be controlled through a remote. It has the Premist system. That means before each uses it automatically wet your toilet bowl surface. As a result, it needs 20% less water to clean the toilet bowl surface than a dry surface. Also, it has a deodorizer built-in. it cleans the air and eliminates unpleasant odors. Moreover, it contains powerful 3D Tornado flush.

As usual, it has everything else like others. Like a heated toilet seat, auto cleaning, warm air dryer, adjustable water pressure, and temperature.

And this is my own pick for the best smart toilet. I hope you already found it why. If you can spend enough money to enjoy the most comfortable toilet experience then this one is for you.

Ove Decors SMART TOILET Single Flush System  review

Ove decor is one of the best bathroom product manufacturer companies. Including a lot of smart toilets from them, I picked this one for many reasons. This single flush system toilet has every possible feature that you can expect.

Features of Ove smart toilet

  • Warm water and air wash
  • You can adjust water pressure and temperature
  • low flow toilets for water consumption
  • Single flush system
  • Includes remote control

Price: $1043 ( after discount)

Image Source: Amazon


Let’s start with the build quality. Ove decors smart toilet made from high-quality ceramic with premium design. In terms of user experience, it is the perfect one. All the functions can be remote controlled. Like your regular toilet, you don’t need to spray water. Just press the button the remote it will do that. And, it comes with a heated seat and warm water flow which is a pretty smart feature. And if you need to use it at night you don’t have to find a light. Because it has a built-in night light system. And the last one, the moment you will stand up from the toilet it will automatically flush and keep it clean.

And the interesting part which I almost forgot, It comes with an air dryer. So, after washing you perfectly it will keep you dry. So, you don’t need to use extra toilet paper or anything at all.

After researching everything about this smart toilet, I picked this as number two. And, you already get it why I did that. If I talk about its customer satisfaction level, I must admit that Ove managed to fulfill every desire of customers.

KOHLER K-5401-PA-0 Veil Skirted 1 Piece Smart, Dual Flush Toilet Review

KOHLER makes all kinds of smart home products. And they are very good at it. Also, they believe in smartness. So, they keep update their product and invent brand new features in their products. There are a lot of KOHLER smart toilets in the market right now. But I think this one is the best. And compete very well with above mention OVE smart toilet.

KOHLER K-5401-PA-0 smart toilet
Image Source: Amazon

Features of KOHLER K-5401-PA-0

  • Warm air dryer with heated sit and temperature adjustable capability.
  • LED night light.
  • Touch screen remote
  • Dual flush system.

Price: $3,975.00 


Kohler makes the finest product I admit that. But this one a bit over pricy. Recently the company comes with this newly designed smart toilet. It has chair height seating to provide you with more comfortable feelings. As for the design, this compacts design smart toilet looks so futuristic. It is a one-piece toilet with smart cleansing integration. It also takes less place in your washroom. Like the previous model, it has the same LED night light. And, it has an air dryer to dry you after cleaning with adjustable temperature water. Also, the dual flush system saves water. And the interesting fact is, it comes with a touch screen remote control. And, it looks so smart and elegant. With this remote, you can clean yourself with your desired water pressure and temperature. Also, you can change the shape of water spray too. Pretty cool one! Right?

So, as you can see without the price there is nothing that can bid this toilet. But you should bare the price if you want to get a luxurious toilet with ultra-modern technology integration. And, the money you gonna spend on it it is totally worth it.

Prodigy Advanced Smart Toilet with Auto-Open Lid review

Well, As you can see none of these hold nothing less. That’s why these are the best smart toilet currently available in the market right. Prodigy Advanced Smart Toilet is from BioBidet. They are also well-known for their smart bathroom accessories. Moreover, they make the best smart toilet seat.

Prodigy Smart Toilet feature

  • Auto open and close lid
  • Tankless minimalist design
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Comes with night light
  • Comfortable bidet with heat seat.

Price: $1990

Prodigy smart toilet
Image Source: Amazon


BioBidet is best known for its smart toilet seat. As usual when they made a complete toilet that also went very well in the market. Yes, this is a decent performance smart toilet. Like others, it also comes with some smart features. It has adjustable water temperature control and three different water spray style. Such as posterior, feminine, and vortex spray styles. Also, it has a dual smart flush to clean the toilet surface properly that can clean without your touch. And, night light to easily find your way in the night time. And something I must have to say about design. It is the most minimal and sleek design smart toilet that for sure.

But it missing some features like an air dryer system, smart heating seat, and deodorizer. Everything else works very fine and smoothly. I personally think that shouldn’t be a problem since it can save some money.

You can easily spend your money on Biobidet products. And it provides three years of warranty. Still, I think it should have to air drying and heated seat system.

WOODBRIDGE Luxury Smart Toilet review

WOODBRIDGE is the most affordable smart toilet in the market right now. But that doesn’t mean it provides significantly fewer features. On the contrary, it has a better feature than BioBidet. For many reasons, I had to include this in this best smart toilet list. You’ll find it.

WoodBridge smart toilet
Woodbridge smart toilet

Woodbridge smart toilet feature

  • It has a different style of water spray system with adjustable temperature and pressure.
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature.
  • Air dryer system.
  • Energy-saving mode.


This smart toilet costs almost half any other mentioned in this list. Above all, it is one of the most comfortable smart toilets in the market. This is a one-piece toilet and comfortable height to sit comfortably. As usual, comes with adjustable water pressure and temperature control. And also it has a warm dryer system to keep you dry. And, heated seat with 5 adjustable temperature system. Comes with safety on/off feature. And, the build quality is the also premium. Also, it has a remote-controlled seat open and close system. And, it has a fully glazed flush system.

So, in this price range, I would say this provides the best output. It also contains the best customer care support system. But some customer claims about water leaking.

So, if you want something in 1000 dollar price range definitely go for this one. It has everything that you can ever expect from a smart toilet. But it comes with some flaws also.

You need to know before buying a smart toilet

So, you got the smart toilet list. But why you should buy that? Obviously you have that question in your mind. Before buying this product for yourself you should know a few things about it. So, let’s discuss why you should buy this.

Normal Toilet vs Smart Toilet

FunctionSmart ToiletNormal Toilet
Heated seatYesNo
Night LightYesNo
Electricity usesYesNo
Air cleaning deodorizerYesNo

As you can see, there is a lot of difference between a normal toilet and a smart toilet. A smart toilet makes your life easier.

The benefit of smart toilet

You must have to know what is the benefit of a smart toilet before buying one for you. So here it is.


The general smart toilet combines multiple functions such as heating the toilet ring, washing with warm water, and massage to provide better cleansing effect and comfortable cleaning experience. The dual nozzle design provides hip cleansing and feminine cleaning, and the washing is in place; while the pulse washing mode can enjoy the effect of SPA massage smart toilet is more convenient


Attentive people may find that if the toilet is not cleaned for a few days, there will be stains on the inside and outside. In fact, the toilet has microorganisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and there are viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that can easily cause infectious diseases. The smart toilet has a sterilization function, which has great advantages in preventing bacterial infections, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

High-end atmosphere

The temperature is getting lower and lower, and many people are used to putting velvet washers on the toilet, but with the development of technology, smart toilets are becoming more and more acceptable. Over the years, the toilet has been innovating continuously, from materials to shapes to intelligent functions. When reporters visited the market, they also found that many sanitary ware brands have launched smart toilets, and the price is extremely close to the people. If you are renovating, you may also change your thinking mode and try another smart toilet.


The plastic wastebasket in the bathroom will greatly increase the speed of bacterial reproduction if it is not cleaned in time. The smart toilet can be automatically cleaned and dried after “convenient” without the need for toilet paper to wipe, which effectively solves the hygiene problems caused by toilet paper and wastebasket. In this way, not only is warm water automatically sprayed and rinsed after “convenient”, and warm air drying is performed, but even toilet paper and paper baskets can be discarded

How to choose a smart toilet

There are thousands of smart toilets and various functions. It can be said that the random flowers are gradually charming, which makes people unable to start. Today I will share how to choose a smart toilet.


Look at the toilet material, embryo, and glaze. From the market point of view, ceramic toilets are the first choice for most households. Ceramics also have advantages and disadvantages. Good ceramic toilets have a low water absorption rate. The lower the water absorption rate, the less water is easily absorbed into the ceramic, and it is not easy to make ceramic The glazed surface was cracked due to swelling.

The quality of the glazed surface is related to whether the toilet is easy to clean and yellow, and the good intelligent toilet has a smooth and smooth glazed surface, no foaming, saturated color, and easy to clean. It is best to apply glaze to the entire pipe to ensure that the pipe wall is smooth and the sewage is discharged smoothly.

Flushing Capacity

Look at the flushing capacity. Flushing methods are mainly divided into two types: direct flushing and jet siphoning. The advantages of direct flushing are water-saving and high sewage discharge, but the noise is very large. Generally, smart toilets use jet siphoning flushing. The effect is good, the sewage is clean, and the cleaning surface is large. The key is the quiet and good deodorizing effect. In addition, it depends on whether there is a manual flushing function to prevent the toilet from being flushed when the power is off.


Look at the comfort of the toilet seat. The heating function of the seat ring is very important. It is created to solve the pain points of going to the toilet in winter. Constant temperature and heat are better than thermal storage. Thermal storage toilets need to store hot water. Long-term storage of water is prone to breed bacteria and repeated heating is easy to produce scale. , And instant toilets are more power-efficient and hygienic. In addition, the comfort of the toilet seat is also very important. A good-quality intelligent toilet seat should be ergonomically designed and not tired after a long period of sitting.

Mute closing capability

See if the cover is muted. Because only quiet is comfortable. When choosing a smart toilet, it is preferred that it has a mute slow-down function, and the cover plate slowly falls, which avoids generating a lot of noise to disturb others, and also prolongs the service life of the toilet.

Convenience of cleaning

Look at the convenience of cleaning, antibacterial self-cleaning. The intelligent toilet should be selected with antibacterial and self-cleaning function. One is whether the glaze can be antibacterial and self-cleaning. The other is whether the shower heads of the buttocks and women’s wash are separated, and they can be replaced and disinfected to prevent bacteria from breeding.

Also, the price and size are also important. Spend what is the comfortable price for you to spend. And it is a long time investment. So, don’t buy anything cheap to save money that can cost you a lot of future problems.

The smart toilet will be the best and most popular toilet within the next few years that for sure. I hope I gave you enough ideas about it. Please share your thought in the comment box. That is the end of this article.

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