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11 Best Smart Home Devices for Google Home

If you are doing google home automation then it should be good to have devices that are highly compatible with google home. That is why we picked the following devices as the best smart home devices for google home. From smart light to smart thermostat and many devices are included bellow.

These devices will work with your voice command every time you will say, “hey google, turn on the bedroom light” it will follow your command and exactly do that. Although they are lot of debate on which smart home automation is best. Some people comfortable with Alexa and some are with Google Home. That would another topic to discuss which I’ll cover in another post. But if you are using Alexa home automation then you should read- 14 best devices for Alexa.

Every product links shown below are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these products following our links we will receive a small amount of commission. But that will not increase your product price at all.

All of these devices are picked by our team after testing ton of devices. You may not agree with us but that is okay and normal.

Best Google Home compatible smart home devices 2020

Before looking into the details you should check out this quick list for better idea what will be in the below.

NameBest for Google Home
Google Home MiniBest smart speakerread details
Nest learning thermostatBest Smart Thermostat Read details
Philips Hue Best smart lightRead details
August Smart Lock proBest smart door lockRead details
Ring Video Doorbell 3 PlusBest Smart Doorbell Read details
Gosund Smart plugBest Smart PlugsRead details
Nest Cam OutdoorBest Outdoor Security CameraRead details
Wyze Cam indoorBest smart indoor cameraRead details
iRoobot Roomba S9+Best Robot Vacuum Read details
Chamberlin MyQBest smart garage door openerRead details
Instant Pot Smart WiFi
Joule Sous Vide
Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker
Best smart kitchenRead details

Google Smart Speaker

Obviously you’ll need smart speaker at first. And there are lot of options in smart speaker. Including some official device from google and some from third party. But, I always recommend to use official devices. These are works better in my opinion.

Well, Google has different types of google home speakers for obvious reasons. All of these devices are not suitable for all circumstances. Let see the perfect uses according to the area. If you don’t want to spend too much then google home mini is the ideal choice. It cost less than 50 dollars and works exactly the same as others but with some limitation like not have loud sound or not having a display.

Google Home

Google Home Standard: This is the perfect one for your living room Since it has better sound and a wide range of covering capability. So, it should be sitting right into your living room and follow your command.

google home mini

Google Home Mini: It will be best to use it anywhere as a portable device. Like in your kitchen, washroom, or small places just to connect with other speakers to cover the entire house. But I’d suggest having a wall mounter to fit perfectly in the wall for long-lasting.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max: it can be a replacement for your standard speakers. Since it has loud and better sound quality, it will be good for listening to music or connect with other devices to enjoy music or any media content. That is why it would be better for the living room. But if you do not need a loud sound, I think the Standard version should be excellent for you.

Nest Hub

Nest Hub: In my opinion, it will be better suitable for your bedroom. Where you can quickly check everything in the display. Also you can watch content before going to sleep.

All though that was my opinion, you can place these device as you want. And , what you are most comfortable at. But, as you should get official one as a smart speaker.

Philips Hue: Best smart light for Google Home

Philips Smart Light
credit: Amazon


  • It can be controlled through Google Home
  • Adjustable power.
  • Dedicated mobile app.
  • Energy saving

Philips is the current top position or I should say the king of smart light. There are a lot of lights from them. And, it works perfectly with google home. You should get this Philips white starter kit. It has enough brightness But you can’t change color which is not necessary also. But, if you want you can adjust brightness with the app or voice command. And, you can add up to 50 bulbs to the hub. I don’t think you need 50 bulbs for your home. So, it should be perfect for your smart home.

I would suggest the color version that can change color. But that will be costlier than this. But if you like the color bulb or illuminate your house, then you can get that. Otherwise, this is one of the best smart home devices for google home.

Nest LearningThermostat: Best Smart Thermostat for google.

nest learning thermostat


  • Multi-Home supports
  • Comes with temperature and humidity sensor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Less than 1 kWh/month power consumption.

During our test period, we found Ecobee 5 is the best smart thermostat according to its features. But we are doing a list of the best smart home device for google. In that terms, the Nest learning thermostat is the best one and greatly suitable for this list.

This third-generation thermostat not only can save energy but also capable of doing many things. As usual you can control temperature and other things. And, it automatically adjust everything according to the weather. You can control it from anywhere with a dedicated app. The new version of nest learning thermostat comes with a better and high definition display as well.

August Smart Lock pro: Best smart door lock

August Smart lock Pro


  • It works with google home
  • Control from Anywhere
  • Works with the old door lock
  • Door sense to check door locked or not

Home security is one of the important parts. In order to secure your house august has too much to offer. It can work with your voice and you can control it from anywhere with a dedicated app. Also, As for the market best, this is the best one to get for your home. Whether to lock your main door or bedroom door this one will be the perfect one.

Although Google Nest offers nest Yale lock but I think August is the best according safety and other features. Also, it allows you to track who is in front of your door and remotely close and open doors from anywhere.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Best Smart Doorbell for Google Home

Ring video Doorbell Plus


  • 1080 p video recording
  • Dual-Band WiFi
  • Improved motion detection
  • Works with popular home automation systems.

Without any doubt, Ring is the best company for smart doorbell and other smart home devices. But in the smart doorbell industry, they are the unbeaten champions. For keeping their customer happy they are updating their own smart doorbell to compete themself. Recently they launched ring video doorbell 3 plus in the market. Which is currently one of the best in the market. Also, it is best compatible with Google Home as well. You can Nest Hello instead. But, Ring will be the best option for you.

If you don’t want to spend too much money then Ring First-generation doorbell will be the best suitable option for you. This new video doorbell will let you know who is tress passing your door. And you can talk with him from anywhere as long as your data connection is on. It will send you a notification about someone in front of your door. Ring app works well and user-friendly too. it also records the 1080P video to give you a clear idea of what is happening outdoor.

Gosund Smart Plug: Best Smart plug for google Home

gosund smart plug


  • Works with home Automation system
  • No Hub Required
  • 2.4G Wifi Only,
  • A timer to set turn on and off
  • Enjoy Fast Installation

There are a lot of smart plugs in the market. And actually this is the cheapest solution for the smart home. Since you don’t want to replace all your electric devices to the smart device at the same time this cheap smart plug can be an easy and affordable solution. And, they work very good with Google Home Automation. I have seen a lot of smart plugs. Like TanTan, TP-Link others but Gosund seems affordable and better in my eyes. there are a lot of variants in that. You can read- Gosund Smart Plug

It can be control through app and also with your voice command. So, with this smart plug you can control your ordinary electric devices as smart device.

Nest Cam Outdoor: Best Outdoor Security Camera for Google Home

Nest Cam Outdoor


  • 24/7 live video recording with 130° field of view
  • Two-way talking capability
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Weatherproof

Google Nest has its own outdoor camera. And, it is one of the best smart outdoor cameras in the market right now. So for our list, we picked that. This waterproof camera can be placed anywhere in your home without thinking about the weather damage issue. Also, you can talk with a person with this camera. That helps to talk with the unknown person before getting close to avoid any accident. As well as, it can record 1080p video not even in daylight but also at night. Every time someone passed through the camera you

r phone got an alert notification to check out what is happening. Clearly everything that you can expect from an outdoor camera this nest cam outdoor has.

Wyze Cam indoor: Best smart indoor camera for google home

Wyze Cam indoor


  • 1080p live streaming from anywhere.
  • Motion and sound recording
  • Night Vision
  • Works with Smart home voice assistants

Wyze is not only best for google home but also currently the best indoor camera for any smart home solution. As it works with google home in the same way it works perfectly with Alexa as well. We will do an in-depth review of Wyze cam indoor. But for now, it looks very good and sits anywhere you want. You can live stream it from anywhere to see what is actually happening in your room right now. Even it can see in the dark too. So if your lights are off that shouldn’t be a problem to see what is happening inside.

Also you can share it with your other family member to let them see and control indoor situation. In case you are busy and something happening inside they can handle that.

iRoobot Roomba S9+: Best Robot Vacuum for Google Home

iRoobot Roomba S9+


  • Works with Google voice command.
  • 3 stage cleaning system.
  • Has a dedicated Smartphone App.
  • Automatic Dirt disposal.

For any home cleaning kit is the needed device. And iRobot vacuum cleaner is the best in this field. So we picked the latest S9+ model for our list. It perfectly works with the Google Home automation system. And works pretty well. Its dual brush cleans your house perfectly without leaving any dirt at all.

This vacuum cleaner works with almost all of the smart voice assistants including, Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home-kit. It also comes with a dedicated app to control and clean the entire house. It’s iAdapt 2. 0 technology with vSLAM navigation precisely clean automatically. And, if it needs to recharge it will do that automatically too.

Chamberlin MyQ: Best smart garage door opener for google home

Chamberlin MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener


  • Power: Lithium Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wireless: 2.4 Ghz WiFi Connection
  • Smart compatibility : Google Home,Apple Home-kit, IFTTT, Wink
  • Required App: MyQ App

Chamberlin myQ is the best solution in the overall aspect of your smart garage door opener problem. And, this is one of the two giant companies in the world as a garage door opener. Collaborating with some excellent sub-brand Chamberlin MyQ can be the ultimate solution for the garage door openers. With few bucks from your pocket, it makes your ordinary garage door opener into a smart one.

As for the smart voice assistant compatibility, it works with Google Home, Apple Homekit, IFTTT, Wink, etc.

The first thing that you should know is unity. Well, this smart garage door opener hub works with any garage door opener that came after 1993. Also, you can check your garage door opener compatibility here

Best Smart Kitchen devices for Google Home

The above devices are universal for every house. Yet you can enhance your smart home automation by getting some extra products for your kitchen. That will make your cooking life easier. Let’s see some smart kitchen devices that work with google home perfectly.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

This is the ultimate kitchen appliance that you must have. It works perfectly with your Google Home automation system. With this one device you can use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, sauté pan, steamer, and warmer. It has own app where you will find a ton of recipe tutorial. And it will make your cooking easier for sure.


Joule Sous Vide

Joule is the best smart sous vide machine in the market. It allows you to even cook meat and others. These sous vide machines you can use with the app where you will find a lot of recipe tutorials as well. You can set the timer to run the device and also check the current temperature and change if you need to change. Also, it perfectly works with Google Home Assistant to follow your voice command. That should be a great addition to your smart kitchen.

Atomi smart coffee maker

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

There are very few smart coffee makers available in the market and atomi smart in on of them. I personally think Atomi is doing very good. They are the rising starts of smart home automation. This coffee machine can follow your voice command and start brewing coffee. Also you can set timer through app to brew coffee without doing anything at all. This google Home compatible Smart coffee maker will fulfill your ultimate coffee brewing dream.

There are lot of smart kitchen appliances in the market that works with app to control them or Alexa. But three you can control through your voice command and best compatible kitchen device for Google Home.


These are the best smart home devices for google home. We tried to keep the list as short as possible. And our team did and extra ordinary effort to combine all of these best devices that is compatible with google home. As we are continuing to review smart home devices if in future we see something better than any of this list we will of course replace that.

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