The best smart coffee makers of 2023 reviews with buying guide and more -
Best smart coffee maker

The best smart coffee makers of 2023 reviews with buying guide and more

There’s a 50% chance you are currently holding a coffee mug and reading this. If my guess is right, then I have to admit that you are really a coffee freak! But, technology has been changing rapidly. And, you have to go for smart solutions. What if you get up from the bed and ask ALEXA to make a cup of coffee? As you already got, this article is all about the smart coffee maker.

You maybe have one question in your mind, what is this? why you need this? To get a perfect cup of coffee you need to keep the temperature between 195-205 for approximately 5 minutes. That is not gonna happen with your normal coffee machine. In that scenario, smart coffee makers help you to make a perfect cup of coffee. In this entire article, you are going to find the answer to every possible question regarding smart coffee maker.

So, take a sip of coffee and get started.

What is a smart coffee maker?

Smart coffee is one kind of coffee maker which you can control through your smartphone. You can control the timing when you need a drink a cup. As an example, you can fill grinder before going to bed, and set your coffee maker right after you wake up. And you will get instant coffee after getting up from bed without the help of anyone. That scheduling feature is the key feature of the smart feature of smart coffee machines. Apart from that, you can control the temperature of your coffee.

How smart coffee maker works?

It is pretty much easy to setup. Just you need to plug it then connect it through wifi with your smartphone. And you are ready to go. In before it requires certain apps. But now, it all works through your Alexa voice command.

Best smart coffee makers of 2023

well, now it is time to show you the best coffee makers which you can choose for yourself. All the products you gonna see here all are researched and reviewed by us. So, this is all our personal opinion. Your opinion may vary with us. So, let’s start with the list


Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

  • Hot and cool brewing system.
  • 5 different brew style.
  • 6 different brew size.
  • Can provide tea or coffee

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Review

It will be an ideal choice for a family . Often you have the opportunity to gather all in the drawing-room and spend some quality time. And, there is no other better drinking option than tea or coffee to have with the entire family. Still, there will many choices to drink coffee or tea in a family. So, this Ninja smart coffee maker will let you brew coffee or whatever wants. And, it can brew five cups within a short period of time. Also, if someone wants to cold coffee instead of the hot one that is also possible with this awesome machine.

So, keeping everyone’s choice fulfill it can serve all of your family members with 5 different brewing style for five different taste.


Gourmia WIFI Coffee Maker

Gourmia smart coffee maker
Image source:
  • App and voice control.
  • It has built-in grinder.
  • Programmable timer.
  • Keep warm for long time.

Gourmia WIFI Coffee Maker review

Gourmia is a well known brand. Probably you already have some kitchen staff from Gourmia. So, it is quite understandable this is one of the finest and smartest coffee machine in the market right now.

First of all, it fulfill smart coffee maker name by putting voice and app control in it. And, it is compatible with google home and Alexa as well. So, next time you will say, brew! It will start brewing coffee for you.

Some of the great coffee lover state that, best coffee you can get from raw beans. And, by grinding beans on your own hand. Lucky for you this smart coffee machine has that option. So, get some raw coffee beans and then grind that and brew the perfect coffee to have great and desired taste.

And, that programmable timer may suit well for you. It will let you have fresh hot coffee when you will get up from bed or came back home after a lot for tiredness. Just set the timer according to your expected time it will ready your coffee just in time. But there is a problem here though. You may not reach home at the perfect time or you may not get up just in time. That is why it has another excellent feature. This smart coffee machine will keep your coffee warm for 30 minutes to let you enjoy a hot and fresh cup of coffee.

BrewGenie BG120 Smart Coffee Maker

BrewGenie BG120 Smart Coffee Maker
Image source: Amazon
  • Programmable coffee maker
  • Smart safety option
  • Keep warm for 40 minutes.
  • Capacity of 8 cups coffee at a time.


BrewGenie BG120 Smart Coffee Maker Review

BrewGenie is has some interesting and advanced features that may not have in most of the coffee makers in the market. Still, they have reasonably low price.

Like Gourmia (mentioned above), it also comes with an app. That can be used for brewing coffee without touching the coffee machine at all. And, the app is much easier to use than the previous one. With slightly smaller in size, this smart coffee maker can fulfill your early morning desire for a cup of hot coffee. Just you need to set the timer when you want to get that coffee.

Along with safety features it is the smartest in every aspect. It will not run the machine for brewing coffee if there is no water in the machine. That helps to save machine from caution.

And, it has better warming technology too. After brewing the coffee it can keep it warm for long 40 minutes. That is enough for having bath or setup PlayStation to play FIFA.


Hamilton Beach Smart coffee maker

Hamilton beach Smart coffee maker
Image source: Amazon
  • Compatible with alexa.
  • Auto Shut off.
  • 12 cup of capacity.
  • Two types of coffee.

Hamilton Beach Smart coffee maker Review

Hey Alexa, “Brew a cup of coffee for me”. How cool to ask that! That is possible with this true smart coffee maker. You don’t need any other app to install on your smartphone. You Just need Alexa assistant devices to get control over this coffee machine.

Well, it is able to make 12 cup of coffee at time. And, you can programmed your brew time to have a cup at exact time. Each and every time it will give you hot fresh and good quality coffee. But, if you want lighter coffee instead of strong one that your prefer after getting back from work that is also possible. This machine has two types of brewing capability, strong or normal ( light). Still, you don’t need to set it manually just ask Alexa for strong or normal coffee it will do it on its own.

And, if you forget to shut off the machine it will automatically shut down after two hours of inactivity or you can do that via Alexa command also. If you are looking for Alexa coffee maker then here it is. One of the best choices for you.


Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

Atomi smart coffee maker
Image source: Amazon
  • Compatible with alexa & google home.
  • Automatic timer set for coffee.
  • Full refund guarantee.
  • Two types of coffee.

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker Review

There are lot of options of Alexa smart coffee maker. But, very few google home coffee maker available in the market. And this is the best of them. If you have google home instead of Alexa then it might the best smart coffee maker option for you.

It is a huge coffee machine that need to seat on a place not to move frequently. But the features on it is quite interesting and thrilling! As you already informed, it can use in alexa or google home for automation. But you can also control it through your android or iOS smartphone via app.

You can control your brewing time by setting time when you need a cup of coffee or getting instant coffee via voice command.

It is able to brew 12 cup of coffee at a single time. I presume that is enough for a family or small house party. And, it provide two types of coffee as well. According to your mood you can have strong coffee or normal coffee whatever you like.



behmor smart coffee maker
Image source: Amazon
  • Compatible with Alexa to work with your voice command.
  • Connection with Amazon Dash Replenishment. It will automatically reorder beans before running out.
  • Supports Android 4.0 or above and iOS 7 or above. With the app, you can set your brewing profile.
  • For different altitudes, you can adjust the temperature of 190°-210° F.
  • Double-walled stainless carafe maintains the temperature of your coffee for a long time.


Every morning you just have to say, “Alexa make a cup of coffee for me”. You will get your coffee before your first yawn. And, one more important thing. Since this is connected with Alexa, you don’t have to worry about running out coffee beans. Before that, it will automatically order coffee beans from Amazon. How cool! right?

We’ll want to build an ecosystem. That is what smart home means. For the remote control system, Alexa voice assistant is one of the top-notch devices in the market right now. So it will be good enough for you to have a smart coffee maker that compatible with Alexa. As a result, you can make your desired coffee cup by just voice command through Alexa. That is what Behmor connected Coffee Brew System is. This is the first certified smart coffee maker by the Specialty Coffee Association. With this device, you can control your brewing time. Since high altitudes boil water fast you can also set your altitude to boil water perfectly. So, you will get a perfect cup of coffee.

How to choose a smart coffee maker

Pay attention in build material

When choosing a smart coffee machine, we must first pay attention to whether the material of the machine is the quality of plastic. In addition to the safety of food, choosing plastic is also more environmentally friendly. However, in order to save costs, some factories actually use recycled plastic, and make the coffee mechanism black, and use black to cover the impurities of the recycled materials. So when buying a smart coffee machine, you have to choose this white coffee machine. The white coffee machine can tell the quality of the plastic at a glance. Therefore, paying attention to the material of the coffee machine is the skill of selecting a smart coffee machine.

App integration

Before buying your own smart coffee maker. Please double check which app you need to install and how it works. Also, don’t forget to check if its alexa or google voice command supported or not. 

Check the heating time

Generally speaking, there are many heating methods for coffee machines. The most widely used is the semi-closed boiler-like heating method. The better machines will use a semi-closed boiler-like heating method: the stainless steel boiler contains a spiral heating copper tube, and the water temperature of this American-style coffee machine can reach 92-96 degrees. 80 degrees is obviously too cold for coffee. If the water temperature is resolved, consider how to fully soak the coffee powder in hot water. Generally, filter paper is used. If it can be equipped with a gold like Swissgold Net, that effect would be better.


Price is also important. Because there are a variety products available in the market. First, think about what you want to spend on your smart coffee maker. if you want it for single uses then buy a single-serve low price version which is costs around 100 dollars. 

How many cups can produce

It depends on where you can use this coffee machine. If it is for multiple people then of course your coffee machine has to provide multiple cup coffee at once. So pay attention on that point. 

the right way to choose a smart coffee machine, not only can you buy a better quality coffee machine, but also let you drink a cup of pure coffee. A better life requires us to create ourselves. Changing life starts with changing lifestyles. Hurry up and choose for yourself a suitable smart coffee machine in this way. 

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