Affiliate Disclosure -

Affiliate Disclosure

In order to keep running our website, we need to earn something to bear the costs. That is why our website is monetized by several affiliate programs. So, every link on our website contains an affiliate tag. If you purchase something with these links we receive a small amount of commission from that. Since you are visiting our website it is our duty to tell you what is our benefit.

Amazon affiliate disclosure

Our website is mainly monetized by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

SmartHome Affiliate Disclosure

In some cases we monetize our links with smarthome affiliate. And, same way we received commission after your purchase.

Is that affiliate link contains extra cost?

You may be thinking an affiliate link may increase the product price. But fortunately it will not change the product price. On the contrary we provide lowest price link of that particular products. But every time someone bought something from our link that product manufacturing company give us small commission from their profits. Because we help them to get new customer and sell their product.


From our about section you can learn about us. We are a team spend more than 20 hour each of us to help you guys. The time we are spending must have some value. It order to get paid we need some profit. There is only way to get profit without harming or disturbing you is affiliate link. That is why we monetized our link with affiliate links.

Do we tell lie or promote low quality products?

One more question maybe spinning in your mind. In order to get commission we may promote low quality products. That is totally untrue. Because we get paid from amazon not from sellers individually. So, if we promote low quality products that will lose connection between you and us.

On the contrary we picked up the best of the best products for you. With every aspects we are not making money by making you fool or cheating you at all.

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